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  • Better macOS UI

  • Cryptocurrency to add

    Please upvote for the existing comments if you want the same Please type the currency name only  

  • More levels of subcategories

    Hey, now this wonderful application has two levels categories (category and subcategory), and I would like add more of two category levels.

  • Bulk Editing of Transactions

    Allow deleting or editing selected transactions; editing should allow for modifying transaction type (expense/income/money transfer...), category, account... etc.

  • Budget tab Filters

    Allow filtering in the Budget tab to include only certain accounts, same way of filtering as within the Reports tab; this is needed when working with multiple accounts in different currencies. You ...

  • Better liability tracking

    Better tracking for loans. Ability to insert loan's terms (yearly interest, down payment, term), and payment plan should be auto-generated in the budget. There should be separate report on liabilit...

  • Periodical changes to assets and liabilities

    Please allow periodical changes to asset and liability values without linking those to a spending account. It seems that I cannot add interest to assets accounts. I should be able to add interest i...

  • Budget for a single month every year

    I work as a Santa Claus. I do not need to see that income every month. I need to see it in December only. Ho ho ho!

  • Separate description for each split transaction category

    When I enter an expense I can add a description. When I press the plus I can add another expense. The description which relates to the first expense is then assigned to both expenses. The descripti...

  • Export Planned Transactions to CSV

    Planned transactions analysis is quite limited. It's not possible to export transaction for further analysis.