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Keyboard date and time input (Windows)


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  • Jupiterd

    Yes, in the window version of money pro, using scrolling to select the date and time is very cumbersome, so why can't we use typing to select the date and time? Or we could use calendar + clock to select, but the best way I think is still to enter text.

    When I do billing on the windows, I usually copy the time, amount, notes, etc. of the bill directly from the bank's webpage (because the bank cards I use are all banks in China, and I can't use the automated services you provide) or emails Information, if the information can be directly pasted in the control of money pro, it will greatly improve my efficiency.

  • Unmei42

    Up topic

    It is not possible to quickly enter checks from the PC version. Especially when a bunch of them accumulate in a week…

    Why can't you add a calendar to the date, and a dial to the time, as it used to be in the application?


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