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  • Salvatore Sinigaglia

    Bulk editing for life. Up!

  • Voeding Zonder Fratsen

    That would be really a nice way to work.

  • Matej

    Please add Bulk edit mode. It will be very useful for example, when new category is created to assign that category for multiple previous transactions. Or if I want to delete transactions for some period of time in past. In Windows or macOS version that would be more than useful. Also table view of transactions is great to have in finance software like Money Pro.

  • Евгений

    Please add bulk editing using filters and usual multiselection.

  • TVA

    vote +1

  • Laura Nichols

    Yes, please! I reorganize my categorized and logging strategies regularly based on new our new financial situation or just a new way of looking at things and it takes fooorrevver to make changes to all of the transactions individually.

  • Yaro

    Hello! I really miss the ability to delete more than one line at a time in your program. It would be nice to make it possible to mark several unnecessary transactions at once and delete them. Thank you.

  • Giovanni

    Please please listen to your customers and allow bulk editing!!! Pleeeeeease!!!

  • Александр

    Yes! This is a very necessary and important feature! Please do!

  • Coco Pierandrei

    Hello, is there any plan on having this feature soon?

  • Fendy

    Bulk editing would be good. 

    Currently i want to put all my transaction to have some `default class` rather than just empty class. However, currently i already have 9k such transactions. It's very painful to edit all those transaction without bulk editing.

  • Theo

    Yes, I agree


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