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Exporting split transactions - each category separately


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  • Juan Esteban Rios

    I have the same need. The application is very good at keeping track, however, it falls short of the reports/graphs it generates, and the information that is exported is not correct by adding up all the values and mixing the categories of a movement.

    I tried to export it in the different formats that the application allows and it is not possible.

    I put a ticket and was told to support this thread.

    I am frustrated with having my financial information correct, and not being able to make decisions based on data that the application itself prevents me from doing.

  • Ravi

    I have the exact same need. Reports are very important to accurately analyze where our spends are going towards. So please implement this functionality to help us do that.

  • Thomas

    This would be essential to be able to use this export function correctly. The ability to split transactions is a great plus of Money Pro. It is too bad it gets limited by the export. A simple solution could be to add the amount for each category after the category name. We would then go from: 

    "First category: First subcategory Second category: second subcategory"
    "First category: First subcategory $45.40 Second category: second subcategory $5.40"

    Some simple text treatment could take care of the rest.

  • That's a cool idea


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