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  • vaibhav khot

    Yes. Please allow for 4 level sub sub categories, nobody in market allows this and money pro will be first one to offer. Advantages are you can allow for daily expenses one category or needs as you may call and under this category you can sub category expenses like utilities, transportation, groceries etc and under these categories have another subcategories like for grocery sub sub categories will be dairy, supermarket, veggies etc. what will happen is you can compare categories like daily expenses with savings, holidays, hobbies etc. please allow for this facility and it will make money pro more informative.

  • Павел

    It will be helpful

    Looking forward to...

  • Dennis Gomes

    This would be awsome, and would make tracking way much easier.

  • Александр

    I completely agree with these!

  • Pavel Bazlov

    Yes, this is needed as level of details increases over time: one could start with groceries category and types of groceries as subs but over time decided to increase the level of details for each shop chain used for buying stuff.

    Also, there are already apps available which allow sub categories without limitations

  • Dan

    This is really indispensable both for a better and more detailed analysis of expenses as well as for a neat organization of categories and sub-categories in a tree-like structure. Please, don't ignore this improvement suggestion. 

  • Lucas Piau

    I agree. It would be helpful.


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