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Several User profiles from the same Bank for Online Banking



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  • Luiz Henrique

    I have a joint account with my wife. This definitely would be useful. Sometimes it's not my expense or not my income to the account.

  • Otávio Assunção

    I have two accounts in the same bank. But I can only register one as an online account, it would be perfect to be able to use both as an online account.

  • Tulio Marti

    I suupport this, it would be very useful. I want to be able to set a separate profile to add my wife and use only specific account and credit card that we manage jointly in it, but then keep my other credit cards and accounts from the same bank separately on my personal profile.

  • Jim

    I have a personal and business account with the same bank but need 2 separate profiles in MoneyPro

  • Reyner Herrpinark Lugo

    Sounds like a very nice feature. My wife and I are almost to switch to MoneyWiz but both have being using MoneyPro and wanted to give it a try. 

    After three years of the initial proposal, is there any plan to have this shipped?

  • Yaro

    Reyner Herrpinark Lugo  I am afraid it is not on the roadmap at the moment.

  • One Time Commentor

    I signed up just to comment on this. After paying for subscriptions, et al., I came here to find out after trying for hours that this app is not able to work out that two people with related finances may have accounts from the same bank. In fact, the reason they do may have to do with trying to sync better in their mutual finances, refrain from additional fees, etc. 

    Point blank: To think that this is a ‘feature’ that needs to be on a roadmap, rather than an essential that should have been there from the beginning is a travesty. We are deleting this app instantly. What a joke. Hope you enjoy the undeserved gains.


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