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Automatic payments for credit cards



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  • Siragusa Claudio

    Very useful. I believe that spending on a credit card must also influence the budget of the month actually charged

  • Ubiratan

    I would also like that very much.

  • Yogeshchande

    Why can't you have credit card closing dates and due dates? This will inform the user about the exact amount that needs to be budgeted for the credit card due date.

    For example: my American Express closing date is on 25 April and Due Date is 10 May. The transactions that need to be included should be till closing date for that particular months payment. Great work on the app guys! Keep up the good work!

  • gustavo

    It will be an amazing new feature and
    It seems super easy to add

  • Lucas Piau

    I agree. It would be helpful.

  • Mr.Hou

    The bill date and repayment date can be set, and the consumption amount of each credit card used during the bill date can be automatically summarized on the repayment date.

  • Yaro

    Could you add an option to set the payment date of a credit card so that the application can send an alert?

  • Victor Resende

    I would love that very much.

  • Pierolivo Lunardelli

    For me, it is very important. All other apps that pretend to be the best in money balance have this function.

  • Eduardo Aceves

    I would very much like this feature as well

  • Gollum Navalom

    It's been very frustrating and time consuming because Money Pro does not have this feature. Once you add this feature, the app would be a true 10 out of 10 in my book.

  • Ross Miller

    The ability to add and track upcoming due dates would be a great addition.


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