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  • It would be great to get reports in pdf.

  • Luigi Silvestri

    I agree, I think the printing options are actually a very weak feature in Money Pro and it is a pity. We need to be able to print reports / save to PDF.

  • Yaro

    The app is terrific, but the lack of exportable reports makes it a limitation.

  • Oscar

    It is a thing keeping me from buying this app. All these comments about not being able to print reports, seriously? A budgeting financial app without being able to print reports? C'mon!!! Please make this the perfect app adding that feature!

  • Ceferino López

    What I am missing is the ability to print or save the reports in graphical format in PDF.

  • Tasty Theory Cafe

    It would be appreciated if you could enhance Money Pro with this feature. 
    If you could add features to download Income/Expenses, Cashflow, and other reports in PDF format, it would be very useful to more users.

  • Tuan Hoang

    I am not able to print out the chart report or export chart report. Please add this feature up to make it perfect. Thanks!

  • Michael Zobrist

    I would also really appreciate it if all reports could be printed out or in PDF. Otherwise, I think Money Pro is a great app.

  • jpastorurban

    I like this application but the fact that there is no response from the support team and the lack of report and export facilities is making change my mind about it.


  • Luigi Silvestri

    I am also wondering why there are no updates on this important topic. Please, let us know you are working on this!

  • Endless Options Case

    I love this application but the fact that there is no response from the team and the lack of export and report


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