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Better liability tracking



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  • Siragusa Claudio

    In liabilities, if you select a loan, you only have the option to see past expenses, not expected ones. It would be useful, even in loans, to have a clear program of expenses (missing installments, deducted amount of the debt). I think it is very useful

  • Ubiratan Drimel

    I agree it would be very useful

  • Pavel Bazlov

    Yeah, this would be really cool!

  • G.J. Kuz

    Agree as well. 

  • Дмитрий

    I am missing an opportunity to calculate a loan according to its type: annuity or differentiated. As an example, try to register a loan to be paid for 6 years with differentiated payments? You will need to manually enter all 72 payments after manually calculating them. This seems to be a significant missing feature in the app.

  • Paul De Tollenaere

    It would also be useful to report on interest paid.


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