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  • Yaro

    It shouldn't be icon, since icon can be same for different "payment account". Instead please include the name of the payment account for every transaction. that will help clarify things a lot. 

  • Luiz Henrique

    I disagree. That would be too much information on an already clean screen. Too much information being showed would slow the app the down and make it harder to look at

  • Chirciu Remus

    I disagree with this too! Yes... too much information!

  • rjaraw

    I agree to this idea. Instead of showing the redundant date information per transaction, replace it with the payment account name instead. Just make the date a grouping label instead of a transaction label, it's not actually too much information:

  • Rafael Roldan

    Definitely, the date is redundant, put the proposed account name!

  • Rafael Roldan

    I agree to suport this feature to be included into the app


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