Customizable line thickness Not planned
100 votes 16 comments
Make pictures re-positionable and resizeable after placement! Not planned
45 votes 6 comments
Add posibility for adding normal text fields, with iOS keyboard Completed
42 votes 15 comments
Better landscape/portrait mode orientation and switching Completed
40 votes 12 comments
copy pages from notebook to notebook, if you make a note in a wrong notebook! Not planned
32 votes 6 comments
Pen size Not planned
27 votes 10 comments
Password protection Not planned
24 votes 5 comments
Full support for Apple Pencil on IPad pro Not planned
20 votes 4 comments
Undo/redo button Not planned
20 votes 4 comments
Be able to have multiple types of paper in the same note book. Completed
20 votes 5 comments
Improve zooming, make it easier to zoom and not only one zooming range. Not planned
19 votes 1 comment
Copy/paste to/from another app/ email/ web Not planned
17 votes 3 comments
Customizable pages Not planned
17 votes 1 comment
Color wheel Not planned
16 votes 3 comments
Apple pencil Not planned
15 votes 5 comments
Undo and Redo gestures Not planned
15 votes 0 comments
Add Sinus / cosinus Stencil and parabola Not planned
15 votes 1 comment
Rotate and resize when using Cut&Paste Completed
15 votes 0 comments
better search function Not planned
14 votes 2 comments
Add the ability to have bullet points in note input Not planned
14 votes 2 comments
Split View! Not planned
13 votes 2 comments
Autoupload to evernote, dropbox, etc Completed
13 votes 2 comments
Transparent markers Not planned
13 votes 2 comments
Add undo and redo in front ( like insert a picture ) Not planned
12 votes 1 comment
Add custom papers Not planned
12 votes 2 comments
Straight lines Completed
11 votes 4 comments
When using the erase, add an option l'île "Do note erase the image in background" Not planned
11 votes 1 comment
Smoother scrolling and smoother ink Not planned
11 votes 0 comments
More tools. Not planned
10 votes 0 comments