Minor adjustments to set up Apple Watch
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Printing all reports to PDF Pinned
6 votes 6 comments
Home Screen icon for profiles
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Modifying the order of Goals
0 votes 2 comments
A larger window for attaching photos on PC and iPad
1 vote 1 comment
Debt screen for personal loans Pinned
10 votes 6 comments
Add moving header (separator) with month indicator to account balance layout
0 votes 2 comments
Add a Payment Account icon next to every transaction Pinned
7 votes 6 comments
Annual Histogram Pinned
15 votes 18 comments
Average monthly spending in Budget
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Differentiate rollover budget from monthly budget
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Cryptocurrency to add Pinned
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Periodical changes to assets and liabilities Pinned
6 votes 8 comments
Repeat Transactions on [first/last] [Friday/Weekday] of the month etc. Pinned
9 votes 7 comments
Planned transactions in the Income/Expense report
4 votes 2 comments
Filters on the Balance tab
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Several User profiles from the same Bank for Online Banking Pinned
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UI/UX Improvement
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Budget for a category with sub-categories Pinned
21 votes 11 comments
Planned transactions on the Balance tab
2 votes 4 comments
No transaction time
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Editing Transactions in Bulk
17 votes 8 comments
Multi Currency Report
1 vote 2 comments
Smart transfer total in Transactions report
1 vote 1 comment
Export Planned Transactions to CSV
3 votes 3 comments
The transaction details screen can be broader in the reports
3 votes 4 comments
Manage bank statements
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Make budget pies reflect planned transactions
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Subcategories in the Transactions report
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Disable time, only save date when exporting (optional) Pinned
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