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Investment accounts/investment functionalities



  • Aleksei

    An investment solution can relate to different types of investments (stocks, options, investments with fixed interest rates, etc.) with different investment horizons (short-term, medium-term and long-term) to ensure the current/actual investment position and corresponding results in a predetermined investment period (month, quarter, year, year to date, etc.), as well as projected investment balances.

    Investment modeling can also be part of the solution, projecting the existing investment account position according to the results obtained in previous periods.

    TLDR: I fully agree with the previous opinion. I would like to see my investment portfolio, which would update data in real time.

  • Александр

    I also agree that you need to add an investment solution for the convenience of working with stocks and other financial instruments. It would be even better if brokerage accounts could be integrated in the same way as bank accounts. independently displaying an uncountable set of transactions in Money Pro is quite time consuming.

  • Alejandro Campos

    We really need this.

  • Lucas Piau

    I agree. It would be helpful.

  • Alex

    At the very least be able to add stock volume and have that updated

  • Евгений

    Agree with comments above.

  • Matilda

    Investment accounts will real-time market changes would be a great feature. Without that, Money Pro lacks behind.

  • Ármin Erdélyi

    I would like to be able to create an asset in the app with the possibility to set the current stock exchange rate. And when I buy securities, I could set the exchange rate at which the transaction takes place. Also, I could update the security manually every day (over time, I hope that this can also be automated so that the app gets the current exchange rate from my bank) by entering the current exchange rate, and the app would calculate what the given securities portfolio is according to the current exchange rate value expressed in my own currency.

    It would also be a useful function if it showed the portfolio's return or potential loss as a percentage.


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