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The transaction details screen can be broader in the reports



  • Bruno Aramaki

    Not only inside Report tab but also in the Account Balance as well (at least on iOS/iPadOS, I can see you're on MacOS), most of my transaction details end up hidden too.

    Maybe having Description on a separate line (this would probably reduce the amount of transactions shown on screen) or even making each transaction show more details (like Description, Agent, Time, etc) by tapping it, so it would expand (or shrink by tapping it again) showing/hiding these details without taking you to the editing page (adding an 'Edit' button would solve it, e.g. tap it to see details and show the edit button; or press and hold to edit).

  • João

    Yes, this is annoying. In larger screens such as the laptop's the transaction details could be visible - like in the balance screen.


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