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  • Ubiratan

    I would also like that very much. I have difficulty locating planned income and expenses.
    It would be great to have the vision as a list. In Reports it has this but it is not possible to edit.

  • Yaro

    Let's say I create a planned payment transaction for a loan (recurring monthly)

    When I open the liability account for this loan (in the balance view), it will not show anything for the period if its a planned transaction, although I can see it in calendar view.

    Is it possible to see these planned transaction (maybe even the last recent transaction), even in grey color to reflect that it is a planned/scheduled transaction?

  • Guillaume GOUMILLOU

    I agree with Yaro’s proposal to see in the transaction list of the balance screen the planned transactions in grey color (whatever if they come from recurrent budgets or if they come from exceptional manual entries) for the selected period.

  • Patrick

    The balances screen could allow viewing planned entries, thus showing the daily balance schedule on a given payment account. This is possible on the projected balance chart, but it would be very important to see this also on the balance entries screen, as it would give a better view of whether the payment account will have enough balance to pay all planned entries.

  • Павел Золотарев

    Very useful proposal - it was realized in MS Money and was very convinient! This will be especially useful when monitoring the repayment schedules of loans and interest.

    Hope, it wont' take another 3 years to realize!  Thank you for idea! 


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