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Annual Histogram




  • Official comment

    Like this?

  • Simone


  • Thaithibaut

    I totally agree that a month-to-month visualisation of expenses would be great!

    The cherry on top would be to be able to see between each month the evolution of each category of expenses so I can track where I spend too much 

  • Tahren Ponnusamy

    I currently export my money pro data to csv, import to numbers, and then organise my data so I can view expenses by category per month or per week.
    Weekly view is most useful for me since I budget myself weekly; I wish this were a native feature of the app, as it would greatly streamline my workflow.

  • Ubiratan Drimel

    This will help us.

  • Thaithibaut

    Thanks for the tip! However, I still think it will be useful to have the plotting of these month-to-month data in MoneyPro directly!

  • Marcio Fonseca

    Fully agree! This is a mandatory report to track expenses categories throughout the year and their corresponding trends. Example posted by Tahren Ponnusamy is just perfect.

  • Erik Laading

    On the yearly report topic a table view is important as well. I have a spreadsheet in which I enter monthly income and expenses taken from the Money Pro statistics. At the end of each line I have the yearly total for each category and sub-category.

  • Sergio perez

    Good morning, in order for your app to be more complete and more competitive, I would suggest that the app be able to show charts of categories and agents by dates, for example I want to know in which month or year I spent more or if I am reducing my expenses on a certain agent or category. In other words, in an annual graph it shows me every month and I can see in which month I spent the most on health or unnecessary expenses, to see if I am reducing on leisure expenses, because I have to pass the data to Excel and make a graph and print, or also my income from my business. I want to see an annual graph that shows the months and to know which month is best for my sales.


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