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Associative memory input in "Description"



  • Yaro

    Hello Lin!

    Your post is really hard to understand. I have tried my best to make it clear. I think I have caught the idea you have. Next time, please use Google Translate.

  • LIN

    Hello Yaro,


    First of all, thank you for trying to understand my post, my apologies for the inconvenience.

    The fact is that I have read your post about the rules who wants to post in this community.

    Nevertheless,if this community is facing for the end users from all over the world, language barrier will still exist,even with google translation. From my experience of google translation, sometimes it makes big differences from another  native laguages.

    The problem is not only the language, also this area(money pro related such as finance,IT vocabulary) itself is hard to make it clear enough to understand, even if I want to explain with this post by using my own language, I think it is not so common topic to bring it up, and make it clear to everyone.

    That's why I tried to explain it with an example.



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