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Debt screen for personal loans




  • Laila

    Debt feature will be a great feature for Money Pro. Where we can see borrowed money and also lent money.

    This feature will show who and how much gets and how much money I get. And it will also show partial payment and received payment, and running balance.

  • Monir Hossain Monir

    This feature will make Money Pro more attractive.

  • Yaro

    If the assets had a possibility of "Loan" with an annual percentage and monthly payments it would be just super. Consider a feature that will distinguish you from your competitors.

  • Pavel Bazlov

    Yeah, personal loans should be a thing. We manage our family budget for more than 5 years now and we have like 25-30 personal loan "accounts" to track this stuff. We can do with liabilities, but the process and reporting for this is not clear and straightforward


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