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Saving with or without goals




  • Adrian

    Like this idea. But really also the budget-option for parent categories... :-)

  • Dennis Gomes

    I know a lot of people looking for the perfect App with saving goals. Most of them like MoneyPro but the pain point is really that you can only set budgets, but no saving goals. There are some Apps where you can set up saving goals, but the interface is not that nice as from MoneyPro with all the other functions. I think if this will be implemented in the App this will bring a lot of customers to MoneyPro.

    In addition to that, there are some Apps in the AppStore which offer a funtion, which you can enable, where you need to distribute all incomes to budgets. If there is nothing you want to Budget, then it goes to savings. But afterwards you can transfer an amount from saving to a Budget. The goal then is, that all your money, whether Bank account or cash, should be iqual to the budgets and savings.


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