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Scanning Receipts/QR-codes




  • Luiz Henrique

    In Brazil we get a receipt that comes with a QR-Code leading straight to the invoice registered with the government. Scanning it would bring back a page with the option to download a .XML file with all the information regarding that invoice, including the description of the items in it. How useful is that? Only if you made a big purchase and want to log in the app exactly how much you paid for each one of them (could be a feature for inputting a new expense and split it into several categories). Although useful, may not be the easiest to implement.

    Other than this, I don't see other opportunities to use such feature and don't see the urgency in it

  • Артем

    In Russia, you just need to apply to the Federal tax service and they give you free access to the API, where you can get details on all operations.

    It is very difficult for me to enter each purchase separately every day, but I want to get detailed information on all items of expenditure. I also want to group recurring items and plan a budget.

  • Евгений


  • Павел Агафонов



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