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Repeat Transactions on [first/last] [Friday/Weekday] of the month etc.




  • Ross Miller

    I support adding this!

  • Bernie Willig

    I really really need this. I have to remember to add my , moms , dads and husbands social security checks as I take care of their accounts and they get it the 1st 2nd and 3rd Wednesday if the month. I get paid biweekly. This would be great!!

  • Chanil Kim

    This saves my time a lot!
    I need to calibrate every month.

  • Cool Shuang

    I hope to add different time and frequency options, because I need to set up collection or payment every working day in the income and expenditure plan, that is, from Monday to Friday every week

  • Yaro
    For Planned Recurring Transactions, it would be helpful, if in addition to the options of every week, every month, every year, etc., the app also offered the following option:
    Specify a particular week of the month (for example 3rd Tuesday of every month), because many organizations use such a schedule for bills and payments.
  • Bernie Willig

    I agree. I’m in need of this also. It would really be helpful

  • Muqeem Haq

    A feature for "weekdays" only need to be added in the app i.e. supposedly one needs to make recurring payment 3 days of the week (not full week),  weekends excluded. The feature is not currently there. Currently, if I setup a recurring transaction it creates a record for weekends too.


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