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Budget for a category with sub-categories




  • Siragusa Claudio

    This is really important!


  • Oday Abid

    Completely agree.. This is the one main feature i'm missing.. 

  • Megabassko

    This function is very necessary

  • Adrian

    This should have been implemented as a first step in my opinion. Please give us this feature 🙏🏼

  • Adrian

    What‘s the status on this one here? I would really love to finally use the budget function...

  • Patriq Hansson

    Yes please! 
    It makes a lot of sense for example to name the top category Food and assign it a budget amount, without having to specify a budget for the sub categories Groceries, Cafe, Restaurants etc. 
    This way I can get a detailed view of where my Food spendings goes, without having to budget each little category. 

    My temporary solution is to specify an amount for the top category, and then divide it up equally between the sub categories. It doesn’t look good though, and the feature should be pretty easy to implement. 

  • Bruno Aramaki


    Creating a budget shouldn't have to be restricted to the category and subcategory structure/tree.

    One should be able to create a budget, name it, set an amount and simply pick which categories and/or subcategories should be considered for this budget.

    Example: Create a budget -> name it 'Household' -> set an amount for the whole budget -> choose the existing category 'House' (including all its subcategories) and also some subcategories under 'Bills' category ('Electricity' and 'Water') but excluding some other subcategories like 'ISP' and 'Netflix' that are under the same 'Bills' category.

  • Adrian

    Please implement this for 2021.. it would be so useful... I don't need AR-Stats.. I need more simple and more important things :) Even if it's not as fun for you to implement.. obviously the community would be very thankful for this...

  • Oday Abid

    Honestly, this is the biggest limitation of the app for me.. please implement 

  • Chirciu Remus

    Please do this! This would be a really nice feature and i don't think it's that hard to do!

  • Lucas Piau

    I agree. It would be helpful.

  • Павел Агафонов


  • 游復劭

    I also wish to have this feature

  • Roberto Reyes Guerrero

    I find it important to be able to assign an amount to the main category of the budget. I hope we can add this feature soon. This is one of the only features that would be missing for the app to be great, because it already looks great!


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