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Keep exchange rate for previous transactions




  • Luis

    Please do this. My reports are all a mess as I have several accounts and transactions in multiple currencies.

  • Albert H.

    I have been in IT and IT Director in global multinationals and traveled the world for 30 years. To be honest, I have always struggled with expense reports. There is nothing more frustrating to a person than coming back from a business trip and reporting all expenses where you forgot to write down the currencies, to have receipts where you can not read the amount anymore, to figure out the exchange rate yourself, etc. etc.. To be honest, I hated it so much that I put all my expenses aside many times landing in a situation where the expense report was late by half a year. I do not know how many expenses I have missed in my report, simply as I hated the mandatory reports so much that I didn’t bother and simply paid for many expenses myself. I never cared much about money and I gave away most of my income during my life. I am a better man now that I gave up my career and decided to start business activities in a development country. But I can imagine there are many people like me who hate expense reports due to lack of good reporting options while traveling.

    Your app is the first app I see where I think it would be the perfect companion for a businessperson. I love you app and I use it daily. I think it would be worth the step to invest in making it stronger for people who travel a lot. I understand it may be complex to implement, but many elements are available in the app already, like currency conversion, multiple accounts and categories, classes, and a good level of reports. Actually, your app already allows for business functions but today lacks the option for real multi-currency reports a business person would like to have. I definitely would be willing to pay a premium for real multi-currency reporting. 


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