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Use multiple forms of payment in one transaction




  • Lin

    Totally agree with you.

    Since e-payments become a trend,there are lots of different payments appears compared with traditional way.

    Gift card, credits of each brand account could possible mixed with traditional way(credit card, debit card,cash,etc.)тRight now when it happens to me, I feel is unclear to split one transaction into two different entries just because there is not available for the moments.

    For example,

    I go to supermarket,buy 50 euro of food and 10 euro of books,paid by bank debit card 40 euro,and supermarket gift card 20 euro.

    Based on the function of app right now, I need to separate into two entry,which is not so clear enough to check after a while.
    Bank-debit card - 40
    Supermarket gift card - 10
    Groceries - 50
    Supermarket gift card - 10
    Book - 10
    If in future would combine into one entry will show very clear there are actually one complete same transaction.
  • Andrea Cavasin

    Totally agree. I do purchases in supermarket or restaurant and often I divide the payment between ticket restaurant and cash, but on the program I need to insert 2 different transaction instead 1.

  • Carl

    Would absolutely be helpful!

  • Jose Antonio

    Very useful. I just published the same suggestion without realizing that it was already made.

  • Bernie Willig

    This would be helpful

  • Pavel Bazlov

    This is totally needed!

    The most common example would be salary. Here in Russia, the employer acts as a taxation agent, meaning that employers pay taxes from salaries on behalf of employees. There is no other option for the moment, so it is mandatory. Combine this to Online Banking when salary transactions are imported from the Online Bank and you get a situation when you can't track the amount of taxes you have paid from your salary. It is a pity as this amount is a valuable thing to consider as there are tax returns, etc.

    There are also other scenarios when you have to have several types of transactions in one.

  • Mahmood Al Moosawi
    I totally agree and will add something that is slightly different but fully applies in this category, which is using multiple currencies in one transaction. 
    I am sometimes forced to perform transactions using dual accounts but in different currencies. 
    For example, I pay (or owe) someone a certain amount, but, for exchange convenience reasons, we agree to have part of it paid in USD, and the rest paid in our local currency. 
    What I most LOVE about Money pro, and the number 1 reason I am convinced to subscribe annually to it, is the flexible way of having multiple accounts WITH different currencies for each. Which is something I didn't find somewhere else during my research period for money management apps. 
    But it seems that I can't use 2 accounts (with similar or different currencies) in a single transaction. So, currently, I can't do my money transitioning described above in one transaction. 
    Currently, I have to do it over two separate transactions, which is not that practical because it misleads me when I come back later and find one transaction and have the wrong impression over an old process. Then I have to re-write a duplicate description, attach the same receipts, and note that this other transaction is part of an earlier transaction, which obviously confusing. 
  • nine_ken

    Totally agree!!

  • Theo

    Yes, I agree!!


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