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Customizable grouping of accounts




  • Nikos Silikis


    Mostly interested to not count one or two accounts on my balance.
    I have a company credit card and I don't want it to be counted down my balance - I only want to keep track of the transactions!

  • Anthony Yap

    This is a great idea! Hope this comes to the app soon! It would make my life so much easier

  • Bruno Aramaki


    I also would like to add the feature to rearrange/sort and name these groups. Currently, credit cards are my most frequently used account and yet it comes last, so I have to scroll through all other accounts to reach it. (even after hiding most of the unused ones).

  • Dawran

    Strongly support it. In fact, it is very important for large numbers of accounts. Please speed it up.

  • Matthew Shaffner

    Yes! Create custom categories for accounts, like checking, savings, invest, cryto, etc. For display and subtotal on the Balance screen. Each could be a subset of the main category or it's own main category.

    I.e. Checking, Savings might be bundled inside payment accounts.

    The ability to customize is really important.

  • Pavel Bazlov

    Yes, that would be neat. 

  • Vitaliy Datskov

    That would be great.

  • Yaro

    Please create an option for the user to create new account types.

  • Ruben DLC

    I've been waiting for this feature since I started using Money Pro in 2017.

  • Helen
    Make free customization of accounts in the list. The problem is that I have a lot of accounts and I use my credit card a lot and it's at the very bottom and every time I have to scroll down to select it. this is inconvenient, I would like to move the bad card up the list
  • Maemo Lee

    Just like this.

  • Carlos Eduardo

    This feature is important and already offered by competitors.

  • Guillaume GOUMILLOU

    Hello, do we have news about this topic?

  • Laura Nichols

    Please do this! I track everything in Money Pro from real accounts like checking and savings to gift cards, rebate apps, things that I have pre-paid for, accounts receivable, etc. With so many accounts, it is getting hard to keep them all straight an organized. I would love to have the ability to have a custom group where I could see the total amount in the group and also drill down to see what accounts are in that group and their individual balances.


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