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Periodical changes to assets and liabilities




  • Luiz Henrique

    This is plenty easy to do on an Excel spreadsheet, shouldn't be hard to be done on the app as well.

    On the liability acquisition screen, add the following:
    - Amount obtained (how much I got)
    - Amount due (how much I'll pay for it, in total and considering I will pay every parcel on or before it's due date)
    - How many parcels and due dates (usually they are on the same day every month, I, myself, have got only one situation in which it's not)
    - Interest rate on the contract
    - Interest rate for overdue parcel
    - Fees for overdue parcel

    With the same going for adding a new Liability on the Balance screen, it would be a complete information.

    With this, I could have way better reports on Cash Flow, Projected Balance and Debt Balance; I'd avoid having to input manually 30 year worth of parcels on a mortgage, or even a few parcels of a small loan with the bank because a temporary debt situation; I'd avoid having to produce excel spreadsheets to project my payments and how much I actually have in debt (not just total, but may also be overdue).

    Plus, when paying parcels down, I'd have a clear and easy visualization of how much I'll have to pay for it if overdue without having to check my parcel or the contract to read the T&C and calculate how much will it cost me then.

    A lot of win situations in this.

  • Yaro

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