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  • Onetexasforall

    Hello, your post suggests you know where one might find files associated with Money Pro. I got the app for my Windows desktop. Since, I've purchased it for my iPhone and iPad and I am aware that there is a SYNC option to use across platforms. But, first I would like to retrieve my Windows backup file to install on new laptop. I refered to FAW "Where are my backups?" but there was no specific instruction on where the file is located. Do you happen to know? I've submitted a request for info, but last time it took a while to get a reply and they wanted pictures of the problem I posed. I just let it go. I'm still trying to decide if this app is going to work for me and my family members. Thanks for your reply. m

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  • Francesco

    Hi, I actually don't have the Window desktop app and I'm not sure too these app works for me!

    I use the mobile app on an Android device with subscription and my wife on a iOS without subscription (I share my account with her) and sync works properly.

    I tried to extract transanctions in csv file with the specific function in the Android app, but I see records are randomly missing....

    Now, from my point of view it's doesn't make sense to don't have a data table (backup file basically) retrievable whenever I want, especially when the app is cloud based. In a finance app it's the base of data safety and I am afraid they can be lost.

    From my point of view, if iBear is not able to provide a simple retrieve of all data in table format manageble in excel, it means the app is not safe definetely.

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