• Russ

    It’s not working on iPad either. Same problem as above, launch app and it gets stuck showing logo flash screen. 

    Need a fix ASAP, have work to do. 

  • Jorge Zurita

    Right ! That´s the same problem I have in my iOS 12.1.2. It get stuck showing the logo.

  • Russ

    There is an update for Mac available in App Store.  I haven't installed the new version, so I can at least use the app from my Mac.

    There must other issues at iBear as trying to logon to this support site requires me to reset my password if previously logged out.  I've had to do this on both iPad and Mac.


  • Trecia

    Are they working on a fix for this?!?

  • Leblanc941220

    me either

    it's hang at logo and just log out.

    are the team working on this??

  • feri

    same with me

  • lin

    Same with me, I think it is the iOS iCloud problem, please help! I use it every day.

  • alfred

    Same with me

  • Tatiana Ashry

    same problem as described above

  • feri

    they know about it and working on fix. check FB status...pending for Apple to approve

  • Johnpaul Vader

    I have the same problem. What’s going on? Prospects for a fix?

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