Allow Exp & Income transactions on Loans without having to nominate From or To account for transfer



  • Official comment


    You can always edit account balance manually without specifying anything.

  • Russ

    Thanks Yaro, but you missed the point.  I want to able to record the transaction for budget view and reporting.  Basically asking for the expense/income transaction input as per other account types.

    And I want to schedule it to be recurring to match the frequency my bank debits my loan account for interest and account fees.


  • LLG

    Same need.


    I've a loan account in which periodically expenses and deposits from none of the accounts I manage in Money Pro.

    It would be useful to be able to enter operations without any account to increase/decrease debt.


    Other need : to follow the monthly repayment of a loan after entering all informations (borrowed amount, rate, duration).

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