• Paulo

    Excelente idea. Hoy solo se puede seguir las transacciones planificadas avanzando en los meses manualmente.

  • Jürgen Nolting

    Yes, I agree and upvoted for this idea.

    These features should be added if possible to make Money Pro better.

  • Russ

    Same here.  I like the calendar view but also need to see a list of repeating planned expenses/income with options to sort by Title, Next Due, etc.  A list view with ability to select and edit individual repeating items.


  • mario

    i think that the idea is perfect and beautiful we need it. as a matter of fact in reports you could visualize transactions not yet payed in the future but it doesn't work

  • MP

    with a "planned payment report" we'll be able to  check if all the future payments are forecasted correctly, as well the cashflow will be more accurate.

    It's great to use money pro,  it is been working good to tell what I did, how I spent

    the next step is to predict and make plans for the future, and a "planned payment report"will help in this direction.

  • Vitor Marinho

    i have recurring expenses. is there any report that I can see my expenses in the next month that I need to pay?

  • MP

    It will be also great that by the time we create a budget account it became a planned payment. Now we have to do the same thing twice, for the same reason.

    than we could have a single report to budget and future payments.

  • AZ

    A comment on MPs recommendation ("It will be also great that by the time we create a budget account it became a planned payment").

    We need to make the distinction between paid, planned transactions as well as budgeted amounts.

    If you make the budgeted amount a planned transaction, then its fine - as long as you have not made any spendings in that budget category. But once you do, it messes up the calculation as the spending would be counted twice, once with the actual spending and once within the planned trx.

    So to be accurate, the Projected Balance report should have a "Remaining from budget" (or something similar) filter option.



    • you have 1000$ on your account.
    • you budget 300$ for fuel.(budgeted amount)
    • you already spent 80$ (paid trx)
    • you know you will need to refuel for 50$ tomorrow (planned trx)  

    Projected balance 

    • Currently would show: 1000-80-50 = 870
    • By having the remaining filter option, it would show: 1000-80-50-170 = 700
    • (by adding planned trx it would be: 1000-80-50-300 =  570, which is obviously wrong).

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