Appneding text and Apply Resizing capabilities to the Cutter Tool




  • Andy
    We plan to add Text after the next major update (which is about to get published. It will help you with basic shapes for your design.). Could you explain more about "CUT-> Copy -> Paste"? I believe you can do cut, copy and paste. Tap to see the menu.
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  • Anonymous
    Found the cut->copy->paste feature! One feature that i saw available was the insertion of images WITH RESIZING capabilities. Would you think it would be possible to port the code of such resizing capabilities onto the Cut->Paste->Resize? This would serve well if i were specifically wanting to shrink or enlarge specific icons! And GOOD to hear that you guys are appending the TEXT editor! [Would the text editor be bundle together with the premium purchase? (the purchase that include alll the goodies) or will it be yet another transaction?] Well one nit picking suggestion would be customize color pallet instead of the default. Great news!! looking forward to your next update!
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