• Ярослав
    Очень надо
  • Anonymous
  • GerarLupa

    si por favor es una buena idea gestionar desde mi mac, porque yo paso mas tiempo en el macbook 

  • Ярослав

    Ребят ну реально уже надо приложение под MacOS, не удобно печатать задачи и на компе а потом переносить в телефон

  • knotff

    There MUST be a desktop app...

  • Max Studios


    Bought your second app already, my first one was the "Money Pro" app and I use it so much and love using it in every device I have all day long! It´s just awesome <3
    Now I bought the new "Time Pro" app for 21,99€ and already love it so much! But I miss a Desktop app!! I would pay anything to have it on my Mac 🙏🏼
    Hope you listen to me and do it in the future.
    Love your work,
    Thank you!

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