• Sam
    Not all currencies are small, Kuwait currency is large and its third decimal place affects the amount, so please add it as soon as possible.
  • Anonymous
    Why do you need three decimals?
  • Hamad Fouad
    @iBearSoft could u please make 3 decimal places
  • Mohamed Al-Khalifa
    Agree ... Please add the option for 3 decimal points (e.g. 10.759) ... Many currencies around the world use the 3 point system ... Adding this option will make reconciling a lot more accurate.
  • Yuri A. Shustov
    Cryptocurrency should be reflected at least 4 characters after the decimal point, which is 100 bits. This will more accurately account for its expenditure, amounting to 100% of the normal commission for Bitcoin transactions, and will properly reflect the exchange rate when selecting the native currency. What do you think?
  • Anonymous
    Yes, this would be really great!
  • Артем
    Нужно больше знаков после точки 0.000000
  • Meggion
    Completely wholeheartedly agree, since majority of my transactions are in Bitcoin, it's such a pain to not be able to track everything properly. A difference betwen 0.01 and 0.001 is huge
  • Anonymous
    Please add it
  • Anonymous
    I need more digits to work with bitcoins
  • Anonymous
    we need more decimals on bitcoin, at least 8 decimals
  • Anonymous
    We need 8 decimal, please.
  • Андрей
    Возможность пользоваться биткойн кошельками
  • Anonymous
    Also for ether
  • Rodrigo
    We need more decimal for btc
  • Anonymous

    I'm using Bitcoin as well, so yes, more decimals would be really great! And as you can see the demand is growing for cryptocurrencies in general.

  • Enrico Cambiaso

    I don't understand why this question is market as "not planned". It is a fully reasonable question, but apparently it seems that developers have no enough resources to fulfill all users suggestions. IMHO, this is a great problem for Money Pro and users are induced to look for alternatives in advance...

  • Anonymous


  • Catalin

    I agree with more decimals for crypto.

  • Wei Lung

    Need more decimal please

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