• Anastasia
    Hello! Thank you for the idea! Could you describe your suggestion in more details, please?
  • William Perez Soto
    This is much needed. Much needed for me to better track costs of car repairing of refueling. F.ex. Car > Fuel > Honda Civic Car > Fuel > Ford F-150
  • CR
    Créer des sous-catégories sans limite
  • Pavel.Z
    Too complex structure, who prevents you to do everything in level 2? Don't be afraid of a large number of categories at level 1.
  • Anonymous
    Creo que sería de mucha utilidad poder crear más categorías dentro de las subcategorias. Por ejemplo: CLIENTE / PROYECTO / ITEM Por lo menos 3 o 4 niveles. Ojalá sea posible, dado que es muy importante para controlar proyectos de mejor manera.
  • Anonymous
    Wonderful idea!! I really need more levels of categories!!
  • Faisal N P
    Under Budget and Expense item, After Main Categories and under them Subcategories there should further breakdown to sub sub categories. So that we can elaborate more down the line.
  • Faisal N P
    My email address is
  • Mike
    More category levels means less level 1 categories and more summary for budgeting.
  • Masud Temkar
    There is no provision in app to create sub-subcategory. If provided, this option will be very useful to monitor & control the expenses/budget of individual category more precisely. Please see few examples below. Electronics => iPhone 6s => Mobile Cover Electronics => iPhone 7 Plus => Mobile Cover
  • Mohamed Nagib

    Hi I requested this same feature, but it seems that the only support the staff gives is to post in this forum. I have seen many ideas dated years back and are still present here. In my opinion this means that the majority of money pro app users do not visit this forum, I would recommend to integrate this forum feature within the app itself.
    Furthermore, I would like to share with you all the work-around I use to create sub-categories.
    Expenses=>Car=> Ford Fuel
    Expenses=>Car=> Camry Fuel
    I use the above as I couldn't add the above 2 cars under expense => Car=> Fuel=> .
    This is a really good app but I guess the developers are tired from improvements.

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