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  • Merrill
    Yes, what they said. It would be great to have a guicker access to the list of agents!
  • Monya
    Yes, very useful feature to have. This was asked for even in the old version but still not done.
  • Mike
    It would be nice to type the first letter of payee and have all payees with that letter pop up.
  • James Ito
    In order to not make my list of Agents longer, I've been typing in the Agent in the comment section to lessen the need to scroll to the latter part of the alphabet. This change would enhance your app by improving functionality, ease of use, and speed of entry by leaps and bounds!
  • James Ito
    PLEASE have a search feature for the list of Agents. I would prefer a search bar at the top to type in the first letter / number or part of the Agent name and have that short list pop up. I'm not a big fan of the right-sided scroll bar. Those haven't worked well in my experience. If you wanted to add both, I'm ok with that! Thank you so much!
  • steve
    wish there was also a search function for “Agents”, that you can type in the name and they search like Quicken or something please please please please!!!
  • Eileen
    I really need the payee list search feature, hope to add this feature, thank you!
  • Mirko Brühl
    Ein Suchfeld für die Auswahl des Empfängers bei Transaktionsanlage
  • Anonymous
    Adding an alphanumeric scroll or jump bar on the right side of the list would make it easier to find your payee Ina large list. Thanks.
  • ordep
    How many years of study do you need to put this feature on your program?
  • Brook Cloud
    I have a lot of receivers for payment, however, when the list goes too long I can't find my due receiver quickly, a RECEIVER RESEARCH is essential for users like me.
  • Anonymous
    Образовался большой список контрагентов, очень надоедает его листать в поисках нужного. Можно добавить поиск?
  • Anonymous
    Вообще то не хватает везде и в категориях тоже
  • blatrever
    Hey guys. Great job on the app. I'm glad manually importing 2 years of data from my previous finance app (it took over 2 days to get it right) was worth it. Having used it for a while now, I just wanted to suggest 2 things that will definitely make the experience using the app more intuitive. Firstly, there should be an option on the very top to search through agents. I have heaps and always have to scroll all over the place to get the agent I'm after. Perhaps add a alphabetical search on the right as well. Secondly, the user should be able to scroll through days on the main screen just by swiping right or left. For instance, when launching the app, it shows the transaction for the day. If I swipe to the right, it should bring me to yesterday and if I swipe to the left, it should bring me to tomorrow etc. That would make it a lot easier than to select the specific day on the calendar. Sometimes I want to see what expenses I've incurred over the week like that. Thanks heaps for listening. I hope to hear from you guys soon!
  • blatrever
    It's just more user friendly to be able to toggle between days in the "today" page.
  • Kim
    It is cumbersome to add agents (which I also find this to be a non-intuitive name) to the Balance. The payee should be its own line that can be tabbed down to and easily typed in (with auto-memory to make it even better), rather than searching out the icon and choosing from the list, or worse yet, having to add another).
  • Sergey Kot
    Здравствуйте! Очень не хватает поиска между контрагентами, когда нужно выбрать его, а их скопилось очень-очень-очень много. Было бы очень удобно, при выборе контрагента свайпом вниз - выплывала бы строка поиска. Спасибо!
  • Tonia
    First and foremost I love this app. I have a suggestion that would greatly help this app be more efficient. When you enter the Payee on a transaction it would be great if there was the ability to hit a letter on the side of the screen that would take you right to the Payees starting with that letter. Something similar to the one in the "contacts" on the iPhone. Currently you have to scroll through every Payee. Adding an alphabet directory would make this app run even more efficiently.
  • Anonymous
    It's obvius that this function si necessary.

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