• David Larson
    Oops. On iPhone 4S.
  • Anastasia
    Please contact our support service
  • Candice goddard
    Same happened to me on iPad. Opens now with all data gone.
  • arbuckler
    Crashing and not suncing after yesterdays update..... Has always been a bit buggy..... On the verge of dumping it......
  • Robert
    Mine is similiar but comes up then goes back to ipad screen
  • Kevin
    I could not see log on screen after recent update. All I can do is to add new account. I am worried that my data are lost. Have emailed tech-support, waiting to see response.
  • Chip
    I'm having the same problem however I have paid for the app.
  • Kevin S
    Ok I might have at least a temporary fix. I went to settings, scroll down to checkbook and turn off "use icloud". Mine hasn't crashed since. Hopefully there will be an update so we can still use icloud for backing up. Hope this helps. Shank

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