Merge of transactions entered manually and downloaded via Direct Connect

Not planned



  • Anonymous
    I'd suggest perhaps going 1 step further. I find that some transactions show in my bank account, quicker than I can look at my iPhone. Others will take a day or two, to even reach a pending state. What I would like to see, is the ability to ADD transactions as they happen (just like a check journal), and when it hits the bank, it can be matched with the users manual input. The matching could be done by amount, by selection, or perhaps just verification - that's for another day :^)
  • Anonymous
    Thank you! I emailed their support anout the exact same thing and they suggested I post a suggestion here. So, I did. Then I saw yours. This problem is HIGHLY inconvenient and cumbersome. I agree 100%!!!!
  • Stuart Holder
    VERY annoying. If I want "after the fact" entries, I can look at my bank account at my bank's website. I want this app to replace a paper register and to automatically detect and reconcile bank withdrawals and deposits with entries I've made. Until it does this, I've pretty much wasted my $10.
  • Brian
    Double entries have for some time when syncing two devices, I have Checkbook on my Ipad and Iphone and I sync the two using BlueTooth. What I find is that even back dated items month ago get duplicated throwing all my balances off and I have to manually search through deleting where I can to try to get things in balance - very inconvenient. Please fix.
  • Tan
    I don't seem to understand when it is going to update electronically or when I have to do it manually since it seems to do it randomly without any control from me but now I have multiple transactions of the same thing and can't delete them so my checkbook is all messed up. I never had any problems before the upgrade. My free version worked great and now that I have paid, everything is a mess! I need to find another app that actually works.
  • Emma
    I have app on my iPad and merged with iPhone last night and all accounts and transactions have duplicated and if I try to delete one of the duplicated accounts I loose everything! Help!
  • Ron Paul
    I think your program as a stand alone on my iPone is awesome but I have never been able to roll over to my iPad as it never gets through the iCloud portion of it as I have tried several times and on several hours but it sucks and now that I have downloaded the mac version just added to my nite mares just does not see the mac at all I have begun to loose faith in this system of ever melding together at all smoothly as I don't have several hours at a time to get it to work together as you claim through iCloud or otherwise ? ? ? ? Seems that I have made a poor decision and investments for pulling together an awesome system as a whole package without loosing all my data for the past year on my iPhone as a stand alone and was e-lighted to the fact of a new mac version would pull all this to work in unison ! So My sanity -- frustrations -- investments hanging in together your system together -- I need help bad as well to how to get this system up and running together flawlessly above all SPEEDY ! TO PUT IT BLUNTLY I NEED HELP WITH THIS MESS OR RECOUP MY INVESTMENTS ARE MY LATEST OPTIONS ---- PLEASE HELP ME ! ! !

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