• Anonymous
    This is such a simple way to make this app better, please consider this in the next update
  • Roy Richards
    Great idea
  • Gmail
    I've really been considering switching to another checkbook app since you guys haven't updated to the 3D Touch or a fingerprint log in. I'd also like to be able to access the app on my Apple Watch. And maybe u can change the colors because it's really starting to get really dull. I'd hate to have to move all my information into a new app with all the features that I want, I will. I've have this app for a while and it's been great but you guys haven't made any changes. So onto the next one.
  • Astrid Sanchez
    Please add fingerprint/Touch ID login.
  • Sergey
    Fingerprint (touch-id) login is a very-very-very necessary feature
  • beardman
    Please add Touch ID login !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • User-22615
    +100500 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Эдуард Эдуард

    Absolutely necessery!!!

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