• Darryl Lund
    I wish I'd been more diligent and noticed that searches were not possible.
  • Suz
    Especially the ability to search by check number, or payee, or amount!
  • Suz
    Transaction search would be great!
  • Anonymous
    Searching would be really good for the app!
  • Charles Clark
    I totally agree, great app, just missing search capability. A must for an app like this.
  • Anonymous
    I agree this is a critical function.
  • mjreichert
    Simply replaces a paper checkbook
  • Anonymous
    No search? A must!
  • Anonymous
    But, it doesn't even do that. With my paper register, I can write transactions as they occur and just check off when they clear. My paper register doesn't make duplicate entries.
  • Anonymous
    Please make my life easier! Add a search transactions function please!
  • Scott
    A must have
  • Kathi
    A user MUST have an ability to search the registry. I've entered just 9 months of transactions and find scrolling by dollar amount to be, at the least, tedious and frustrating!
  • stacie
    Search transaction feature by amount or payee. Sometimes the "year wheel" turns without my noticing and I have to go back through months of transactions to try and locate. Searching by amount or payee would greatly increase the speed of the search.
  • Ann
    Agreed, need a search and/or sort tool for transactions!
  • Marj Mellon
    I agree
  • N. Wade
    Please add a search windoe
  • Rick
    Add a search option and I'll gladly use this app. This app is of little use without it.
  • PRE
    Yes, search engine is needed.
  • Vinny
    Searching by category, date, payee, ammount and pretty much every single field we can enter when creating a transaction would be really useful. Specially when you have a year and half worth of data like me.
  • ginny.deffendall
    Would be sooooo helpful!
  • Steve Bigham
    I don't know what I did wrong. I have lost my information for half of March, all of April and May and June
  • Snoopy
    Yessss plssss
  • Becky
    Over a year from this original comment & no search yet??? I guess I just wasted $ on an app that will be more hassle than its worth. Thankful I only entered 2 months of info (2 hours of ,y time)!
  • Anonymous
    I would like to be able to search within a category.
  • Anonymous
    Please add a search feature so if I want to look for a specific transaction in my register then I can. And add a filter so I can look for several transactions that meet certain criteria.

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