• Chris Highton
    I hope by 'Under Review' you mean working on its implementation as it is a common function of today. Into store by Groceries ask for 'Cashback' when paying. Having just spent £6.99 on purchasing the full product I am not a happy bunny !!!
  • Julie
    I love this app but I need to split my transactions. May have to use a different app.
  • Frank
    You could greatly enhance your app (and its usefulness) by allowing one transaction to be split amongst multiple budget categories. I have asked for this in the past but I see no progress in this matter. Maybe it is time to find an app that does allow this.
  • Frank
    Please add split transactions to your next upgrade of Checkbook HD. That will make it more useful to me.
  • lindamcadams49
    Yea! Hope you will implement asap.
  • Anonymous
    This is a very important feature in any financial software
  • Anonymous
    It would be nice to split a category and make it less confusing tracking my budget.
  • Rezo
    Yes, please update software to allow splitting categories. This will allow for a more accurate tracking on my budget.
  • wperez
    Yes, this would help Checkbook HD be more in step with the real world of receipt with Cashback. I use the seeded "Wallet" account as my cash account. In my Checkbook account, it would be nice to make a single entry for a debit card receipt with a split transaction of expense and transfer (Cashback)--into the Wallet. Thanks, Wp
  • Vinny
    Definitely a great option. Sometimes a pay both clothes and groseries at Wal-Mart (for example) and have to put everything under the same category or create 2 separate transactions. I would like to enter a uncategorized transaction and then the sub-transactions would be assigned different categories to track my expenses accuretaly
  • Dave Conlon
    Splitting categories would be huge along with defaulting to "Debit" rather than a check number. Including the ability to associate a portion of the full expense to each category. This would actually make the expense reports usable because right now, it's a jumble when I do most of my shopping or go to an ATM.
  • Anonymous
    If I knew before purchase that it didn't split transactions I wouldn't have purchased it.
  • Martin
    Wish I had known it does not include such basic function as split transactions.. Under review already 7 months??
  • Michaeldub
    Yes, please! For example, I get cash quite often when I go grocery shopping. The whole bill appears now under 'Groceries', but the cash is not separated. Making stats worthless. I can work around by making two separate entries, but these are not connected to each other and there's no indication that they are from the same bill. Same in big supermarkets/department stores. I might buy a few things for gardening, for the car, a pair of new socks and a birthday present for mom. All on one bill.
  • Fermin
    I cannot believe it does not have such a basic thing as splitting transactions. As I spend a great amount on credit card, of course the expenses are splitted. I would tell this to anyone who is thinking about purchase this product.
  • Chris
    This is very beneficial and a simple fix.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    I agree, split transactions would be great especially when you shop at a store that sells groceries, electronics, pets supplies, etc.
  • Gerd Graf
    Urgently needed. Microsoft Money had that back in the nineties of the last century and helped me then a lot.
  • Anonymous
    Wow, I think this would be a basic transaction function - the ability to split into multiple categories. I use this for both expenses and deposits. Has this been Under Review for 2 years? I think I'll need to look for another app.
  • Anonymous
    I used an iPhone app called PocketMoney that had this feature. The developer died and the app is no longer available, which is why I'm trying this app.
  • Anonymous
    I was interested in this product until I discovered you could not split transactions. This is a deal breaker for me. Will continue my search for another product.
  • Anonymous
    I like the feature to direct connect with my bank. That is not common and sets this app apart. However, not splitting transactions is a deal breaker. :(
  • Doug Roll
    For receipts that fit multiple categories, i.e. Walmart, it is imperative to split transactions to accurately track expenses.
  • Shawshank1228
    Allow a transaction to be split with different categories/amount.
  • Mae
    Add the ability to split transactions between 2 or more categories.

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