Problems with some pens

Not planned



  • Anonymous
    I was just about to send them a picture showing the issue. Any chance of this being corrected?
  • Gabriela Yates
    There hasn't been any feedback given on fixing this. The developers need to step up
  • Gabriela Yates
    Just gave them the exact feedback! Please do something !
  • BB
    Please update the app - my highlighter pen, feltip pen and paint brush are all faint or not working right. This is a great app but this glitch is now wasting it. Please fix!!!
  • BB
    Come on guys - get this glitch sorted. I'm stopping friends from downloading this app- which is otherwise great- because of this!!
  • MdP
    I'm experiencing the same problem. Please assist.
  • Christian
    Me too. My pen's ink is very faint. Please, correct it.
  • Katie G
    Your app was great till, I got this exact problem after updating to iOS 10
  • Anonymous
    Same here... I was taking notes during my class and I experienced the same problem after updating to IOS 10. I even recommended this app to my school mates and now it doesn't work.
  • Anonymous
    Please fix the glitch. I am unable to use the highlighter and brush. I paid for this app and recommended it to friends. Now it doesn't work.
  • Jim Diamond
    Problem with high liter, brushes, flomaster.
  • KAY
    Me too
  • Carlos
    Same problems guys, ink looks like faint wit brushes. I have the same version IOS 10.2 and since the update to the 10th version I experienced the issues. I ll be pushed to look for better alternatives since I haven't received answers..It's a pity
  • Anonymous
    Me too

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