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Not planned



  • William Perez Soto
    - enable/disable add transaction icon (+)
  • colexco
    This should be amazing, a quick look in the widget how much money left on a chosen account!
  • Nick Wray
    Have ability to only show the icons you want in the widget
  • Anonymous
    It would be great to have possibility to customize categories on the widget. Now it shows the last used categories.
  • Anonymous
    The widget should show reports like projected balance, cash flow and net worth instead if being able to add expenses for money PRO. Adding expenses from widget is really not much useful because there are a lot of categories of expenses to choose from but only few are shown in the widget and the app has to be opened eventually. Also i cannot attach a note or a bill picture from widget, so not having complete functionality and having to open app to add extra details is frustrating sometimes. Showing reports on the widget is better as i will know how good or bad am i doing as a whole and that is what this app stands for, to help you feel confident about your money management and improve money saving trend. the user is always motivated more when he sees the visualization of his expenses like the reports show, so having some report onthe widget seems a good idea to me.

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