• William Perez Soto
    There's already export to CSV which is a very universal and flexible format supported by Excel, Numbers, LibreOffice and can even be opened by plain-text editors. Don't see the need for an Excel-specific format.
  • Monya
    Hi, In fact you can convert your .csv file to Excel file easily and have all your data on your Excel sheet.
  • M.Sabry
    Class field is not shown in the generated cvs file !?!
  • Andre
    Here's how to export in csv: Transactions report It shows the list of transactions by types (expense, income, money transfer, asset purchase, asset sale, liability acquisition, discharge of liability) for a chosen period. If you need to print or export this report to CSV, PDF, QIF tap the export button in the right upper corner. The export type (CSV, PDF, QIF) is selected on the filter form.
  • SAP
    При экспорте в csv формате сумма расхода или дохода экспортируется с признаком валюты-excel не распознает такие суммы и приходиться вручную убирать лишние символы
  • Anonymous
    I can't find export button. Perhaps cause is in Spanish
  • Anonymous
    I van nog vind the export button on my iPad . On my iPhone thuis button is Well
  • Anonymous
    Is there a way to export your data to Excel in order to have your chart reports, the only thing I can do is export like csv and print the daily transactions, am I missing something?
  • Fernando Lisboa
    Where I can found this option export to CSV?
  • darryl
    i cannot find the export type in the filter button

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