Cleared/Not Cleared Default setting when creating a new transaction

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  • Aaron C
    Let me just change this to say that this app is in dire needs of a settings page. Some things which MUST be in this page: Default of cleared or not. I have no idea why cleared would be default, but it annoys me EVERY time I have to uncheck it. Date range. I should be able to select which range I want. Maybe the default which keeps coming back to current month is fine for my iPhone, but on my iPad I'd like to be able to select ALL, and have it stay that way. A would like item for settings: Another good thing for the settings file would be how you want transactions displayed. Show icon or not, display category or not, display payee, check #, what order you would like these items in, etc.
  • Laura K
    Totally agree with the default check box
  • Bethamy
    I completely agree with Aaron! He nailed it!!!
  • Damon
    I also agree with the default check box
  • Anonymous
    I 1000% agree!!! How can a transaction be automatically cleared as soon as it's entered???? This ruins this app for me and my 13 bucks!!!! Please update this feature. You can't think that you have this right can you?? Please...please....please fix this!! I've never seen a checkbook type program do something this odd. Thank you!
  • Mac
    Absolutely agree. It's asinine to have the box default to "checked" before you've had a chance to balance your checkbook. IBear's response to the plight: UNCHECK IT when you enter a transaction. Brilliant!
  • Mac
    Let me add my voice to the growing number saying that when you ENTER a transaction, it should not be cleared at that point. You do that WHEN YOU BALANCE YOUR CHECKBOOK. This so-called "feature" makes it harder to balance when you're trying to figure out what's actually cleared and what hasn't. I'm thinking whoever designed the app to default to cleared has never balanced a checkbook in his/her life! CHANGE THIS NOW. I'll also say that the app for the iPhone stinks. It won't sync with the app on my computer. Don't waste your money on it. This rant is over.
  • Allen
    The cleared box needs to default to uncleared for direct connect transactions too.
  • Jessica
    i agree with this too!

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