Recurring bills manually enter




  • Chris
    Extremely useful function to determine expendable income for the end of a month.....after all bills& expenses. PLEASE consider!
  • Julie
    I enter all monthly bills by the fifth and I enter that date for all recurring transactions as well. Then I always know my "cleared/uncleared" balance even though the EFT may not happen until later in the month. Hope that helps.
  • YLopez
    I agree. Maybe add a check mark to move recurring items to check register before due date. I like to plan what needs to be paid within a pay period so I know exactly what's left. Please consider. I'm actually deleting the recurring bills and using another app to keep track of bill dates. I would prefer to use 1 app.
  • Anonymous
    This is something I would also love. Right now I don't use the recurring function because my bills won't show up until the day of. I also use this app as a budgeting tool so I know what end of month looks like. Currently I am entering everything in monthly manually, very time consuming. I have a years out in planning plugged in.
  • D
    I have set up recurring transactions and would like to have the ability to see a selectable amount of days in advance (for myself, probably 30 days). This way I can see what my expected balance is out to XX days.
  • Madsen
    We need this feature, so we can see clearly the money spent of next month.
  • Pbostin
    I definitely agree. I want to know how much i have disposable up till next payday. Even if you could multi select them from the recurring area and move them to the account view so they affected the balance, but remained uncleared would be great. Please please do this one
  • Cebpal
    List by date like Quicken and tap to enter into checkbook
  • Anonymous
    Yes! Really need this!!
  • steph
  • Vinny
    Is not the same to have the recurring expenses listed as normal ones and just uncheck the Reconciliate box if you haven't paid the Bills?
  • Nolan Nosari
    For recurring list, have a button to click that will add it to the register.
  • Keith Mason
    Please! To be able to see recurring items projected out a user-selectable number of days is the only feature missing in my opinion, and without it the app has no value for me. Oddly, I haven't found any other app with this feature either, so I am still relegated to OpenOffice on my Mac :-( I would apply all 10 of my votes to this if I could...
  • Benita Revis
    In recurring transactions I would like to have the ability to see a selectable amount of days in advance . This way I can see what my expected balance is ahead of time. Without this feature this app is not very useful.
  • Lee rock
    Definitely need this functionality!!! Budgeting is forward thinking not the day of or past transactions.
  • Anonymous
    Please add this feature, we do really need it !!! Thanks
  • Leonardo
    good morning, My name is Leonardo, I'm in Brazil, bought the app Checkbook HD for Mac at the Apple store, was installed on my Mac, but not this starting. What do I do?
  • Monique
    ... Agreed, surprised not to see a reoccurring payment option, since some things we pay force is to use the auto debt option these days
  • Bruce
    If you update anything, please allow recurring entries added to the register so we can see them before the due date. Many users are asking thank you.
  • Toni
    Really would love to have your "Bill" app and "Checkbook" combined...
  • Deb
    Definitely need to show all the recurring payments for the month in the transaction register.... PLEASE
  • Mike
    Would like to see my recurring entries in the Recurring List..... Just in case I need to delete or modify.....
  • John
    I would be happy if they showed up on the date I have in the app. Seems like I have to wait 15 to 30 minutes for the recurring to show at all. BIG PROBLEM!!!
  • Cate
    I have to agree with everyone else on this. Had the feature on my android app. Probably will not go pro now.

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